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Kilter Academy
Seamus Hinkle earns 50 demerits for gaseous distraction in the library • Intramural football game cancelled due to footballs being stolen • Abraham Hansen earns 100 demerits for clogging toilets in girls' bathroom • Lemon Oliver earns 60 demerits for lighting custodian's toupee on fire • Make sure to wear formal attire on one day only: Parents' Day! • Carter Montgomery earns 20 demerits for feigning broken arm during dodge ball game • Lucas Horn earns 100 demerits for burping entire Pig Latin alphabet • An UltraStink Bomb was lost in the Kanteen today. If found, please call the Hoodlum Hotline • Mr. Tempest advises history students to bring lots of water for tomorrow's hike • Gabby Ryan earns 15 demerits for stealing Carla Simmons' bubble gum-flavored lip gloss • Good Samaritans fail to catch intruder at Annika's house. Fish sticks left behind • If your favorite food changes, please let the Kanteen staff know! • Priscilla Todd earns 10 demerits for hitting Fern Noogan with tennis ball • Austin Baker earns 5 demerits for tying Sam Fitzgerald's shoelaces together • The Kommissary just received new Hydra-Bomb shipment. Get yours NOW! • Supercool, limited-edition K-Shots are going fast! Get one at the Kommissary before they're gone! • K-Pak screen scrambled? K-Mails lost? Please contact Kilter's IT Department!
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Troublemaker Groups: The Dramatists

The DramatistsLogo: Drama Masks
Popular Weapon: A Blank Expression
Notable Members: Katie “Hepburn” Harris, Liam Clooney, Brayden “Standing O” O’Malley
And the Oscar goes to…no one in Hollywood! At least not if these talented Troublemakers are in the running. The whole world’s a stage for the Dramatists, who act, sing, dance, cry on cue—and trick even the most perceptive of adults. Using these skills, perfectly healthy Troublemakers can always convince parents they’re too sick to go to school whenever they want to stay home and hone their craft (or play video games). To the outside world, this is lying. At Kilter, it’s art.

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